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The Arty 84 Show

Name: The Arty 84 Show

Time: Tuesdays from 7PM – 8PM EST on WEMF Radio

About the show: The Arty 84 Show is hosted by Boston comedian, blogger and world traveler Arty 84. The show is features local comedians, music acts and anyone of interests out there in the world. Adam Mallett, Boston blogger and friend of Arty’s that he met on craigslist (true story) co hosts the show and with the southern charm of Suzi J.

Arty 84 has been doing radio for almost 15 years now and a comedian for most of that time. I lover of sports, music and travel, Arty has been to 10 countries, 49 states and every MLB park. Long time resident of Revere, MA, Arty keeps Boston as a major part of the show. Arty is also a DJ, spinning all around North America since 1998.

Instagram: Arty84Show
Twitter: @TheArty84Show
Facebook: Arty84Show

Contact – Do you want to be a guest or know someone who does?
Phone: 781-241-2941

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