The 3Cs Podcast

Nominee for Best Radio Show for the 2017 New England Hip Hop Awards

– “Culture Connoisseurs Crew Podcast” –
– “It’s First Lady Slays” –

Welcome to The 3Cs Podcast aka The Culture Connoisseurs Crew Podcast. Each week tune-in or watch the WEMF Radio Facebook live feed 8 – 11 p.m to watch the show. We’ll be giving you our opinions on the top of the blog media stories concerning Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop-culture, Reality Tv, Politics, Sports, Religion, Relationships and Sex. Just know we’ll be talking about every damn thing! We intend to make you laugh and think by giving you different perspectives that will challenge and anger you at times. Expect us to give you our raw opinions on current day Culture as it affects our lives. We will be interviewing local artist, writers, actors, producers and politicans in our attempt to stay plugged into the local cultural scene. The show is heavily influenced by the Hip-hop Culture because “Hip-Hop is our Life”. Expect to listen to local artist music and enjoy the freestlyes from singers and MCs that stop through.

Our Mantra is “Listen While we Shape the Culture”

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