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Ripple Music Presents The Sleazegrinder Super Rock Power Hour

Sleazegrinder Super Rock Power Hour

Sleazegrinder is the greatest music journalist this town has ever had. The Humanoids are the greatest rock band this town has ever had, except for a few years in the beginning when they dressed like zombies and sang songs about The Hulk. Stacy is the only one who knows what the “kids” are into. She books the talent, although we are really stretching the definition of “talent” here. Together we will solve the rock n’ roll crisis, or we will burn the whole Boston scene down to the ground in the process. Whichever comes first. Either is cool with us.

2 Responses to Ripple Music Presents The Sleazegrinder Super Rock Power Hour

  1. Attack! Attack! Attack!

  2. Melissa Kelly says:

    Tuned in last night to check out my friends in STROKE VOLUME! These smart, creative women are making music, with Metal, Blues and Surf Rock influences, the rock n’ roll crisis would have been solved if you played more than 5 seconds of their original songs and didn’t talk over them. The interview was hard to follow, since it was based in superficial nonsense, but that’s Sleazegrinder, a low down, common male in a small package according to the urban dictionary.

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