I’m Me Be You Radio



First Lady & Mr P.S.A

Sunday’s 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.

#ImMeBeYouRadio is a show created to bring you nothing but originality from the streets of Boston to where ever! Where ever the culture of hip-hop lives and thrives it’s meant to be showcased on this show. Each show will have live interviews with artist, community leader and local business owners. We ‘ll be playing artist music mixed with classic hip-hop, current Rap and R&B. Host First Lady and Mr. P.S.A are two of the most well connected people with their ears to the streets, bringing you the hottest artist in Boston. #ImMeBeYouRadio will cover the latest current events, pop culture, reality tv,politics, sports, local events & more. #ImMeBeYouRadio listening audience will also beable to connect with the show and host through the listed social media links and WEMF’s listener line.The podcast will also be available for your listening pleasure on the website. Please be advised thesehost aren’t for the faint hearted, they’re most definitely them so BE YOU!

FaceBook: I’m Me Be You Radio
Snapchat: FirstLady Cocoa

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