Geek Down

Boston’s geek community has a voice. The Geek-Down puts a microphone in front of it. We’re just a ragtag band of misfit toys trying to bring an unfettered, realist point of view on comics, games, movies, music, fashion and more, with tongue-in-cheek attitude. And sometimes we have waterballoon fights.

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Useless, but cool facts:
– We do live shows from Bit Fest and PAX
– We hosted this years Boston Festival of Indie Games awards
– Adam and Pat both hold Masters degrees in Film
– Pat’s a professional voice actor
– Pat is a former video game developer, having worked on Wolfenstein, Empire Earth, and Pirates of the Caribbean
– JM is an ordained Priest and military Chaplain
– Amy is a Bi-coastal burlesque performer and show producer
– Amy is a semi-pro part-time voice actor
– Jonny is co-founder of ‘Kandi Machine’, one of Boston’s biggest punk bands of the early 00’s
– Jonny founded and runs a charity to fight child endangerment
– Herb (founder) is a 20-year military veteran who returns semi-annually to collaborate with us for military charites

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