Far From Normal

Formerly Sundays – 7pm – 9pm

Far From Normal is an odd audio collaborative hosted by T.O.T.sky, Scatterboxx, and A Millz. FFN streams live on WEMF 7-9 PM EST on Sunday nights.

We feature a Feral, Funky (freaky? fresh? fabulous? flippydippy? freeform!) Nexus of musical tastes on our playlist. We also offer the audience live sets by local, underground, and international artists (musicians, poets, producers, comedians, humans, beings), and then we try to smash it together with our own electro-acoustic instruments in a joint jam.

We support and share in your truth. Your art. Your Music.

Earlobe-massaging brainfood.

Cohosts/house band Fire On The Moon {T.O.T.sky, Scatterboxx, & AMillz} spins & remixes a rare rendering of audio-hexes & soundscapes.

We’ll mesh literally whatever the hell we want – perhaps a TED Talk about The Multiverse laced over a deadmau5 instrumental, or famous Tarantino quotes smashed up with 70-year-old lo-fi recordings of classic folk tunes. It’s a live & improvised performance of electro-acoustic jams every week.

We feature members of our far-out family – a collection of connections that want to talk to YOU, people.

We have a network.
We can tell you about the future.
We love what we do.

So turn it up & indulge in a euphonic euphoria of weirdness.

Get connected.
Sharing is caring, dunnies.

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