Gig Openings: updated 5.20.18

To book a show for your band or solo project e-mail us at with a link to your music, a little about your band, and where you have played. No problem if you haven’t.

6.23 @ PA’s Lounge w/ Curly (3 act needed)
6.28 @ PA’s Lounge w/ Re-Attack (3 acts needed)
6.30 @ PA’s Lounge w/ Sgt. Scag + Double Star (2-3 acts needed)

Tuesdays @ Tavern at the End of the World
7.7 @ PA’s w/ Lightning Pill, Godzilla, Height Keech (1-2 acts needed)
7.7 @ Sally O’briens
7.14 @ PA’s Lounge w/ Blood Drive (3 acts needed)
7.19 @ PA’s Lounge (open)
7.21 @ PA’s w/ DNA’s Evolution + Lower Falls (2-3 acts needed)
7.21 @ Sally O’briens w/ Jesse & the Hogg Bros (2 acts needed)

8.2 @ PA’s Lounge (open)
8.3 @ PA’s Lounge w/ Get Set Go (3 acts needed)
8.4 @ PA’s Lounge w/ Duke of Surl, Bruvs, Hexpet (1 act needed)

9.5 @ Midway Cafe w/ Max Clark (3 acts needed)

27 Responses to Gig Openings: updated 5.20.18

  1. Walter Noons says:

    You know me Dave, I’m always looking for a gig. Thanks. Please keep me in mind.

  2. Marc Lever says:

    Hey Dave, Black & Blue Morning might be interested in 11/29 at PA’s.

  3. Gregg Perry says:

    Hey, I need some gigs.

  4. Hey there,

    Usual Singer / Songwriter archetype looking to play the area.

    I do kind of a Folk – Blues thing.

    Let me know if that’s needed I guess?

    Good looking out,


  5. Gregg Perry says:

    Hey, thanks for the gig at PA’s. I’m available for another gig ASAP.

  6. Will send you our latest

  7. Ron Roy says:

    Hi guys, can we book Feb 20 at PA’s if available or we can do Feb 19 at the Cantab. Let us know.

  8. Could use a gig in July if any spots are open.

  9. Cam Cotham says:

    Beam me up, Scotty. I’m open for most gigs- I play tons of covers, have a few originals… Really on the acoustic side of things, though. 🙂 80s, 90s, alternative, hipster/indie, americana, etc.

  10. K-LA says:

    Can ya’ll post the info for the PA’s Lounge gig on the 20th?

  11. RICHARD PAPA says:

    Dont forget to check Superbuckit Live on WEMF RADIO june 30th 630-7pm
    live @pa’s lounge 345 somerville ave somerville,ma
    AUGUST 8 2015
    Will be an awesome show.
    On the bill :

    9- 9:45 Superbuckit
    10- 10:45 SHAM
    11- 11:45 Rocktar
    12- 12:45 San Lorenzo

  12. Don Hammontree says:

    Hey Dave, BAD FOGELBERG would be interested in the Milky Way gig in August and the Sept. 11 show at the Plough & Stars!

  13. Hey Dave,

    My name is Joe Sorrentino, I am a one man band known as “Twenty Past Two.”
    I sing and play along on acoustic guitar to custom backing tracks recorded on a loop pedal.
    I cover popular radio friendly rock songs, mainly from the 80’s, 90,s through today and I also mix in my own original songs. I am interested in your openings on Sat Dec 12 and or 26th at PA’s Lounge. The following link is my promotional demo. I will look forward to hearing back from you, thanks in advance.

  14. Hey Dave,

    This is Joe Sorrentino again, Sorry I am embarrassed, I sent you the wrong link above.
    This is the correct link to my promotional demo.

  15. mike says:

    Positive Negative Man could do Once in Jan. and or PAs 2 26 or 2 27.

  16. Brian says:

    Room Spin Rally is available for multiple 2016 dates. We are a 90s decade rock, grunge, alternative tribute band. We are available acoustic, electric, and with or without a fully automated light show. We look forward to hearing from you.


  17. Dylan Ross says:

    Hey Dave!

    I’m the frontman in a new Alt Rock/Pop Punk band from Boston always lookin to gig. Would love to do some work with you guys. Check us out!

  18. Matteo Fabiano says:

    Hello I am an Italian Singer play piano and have been entertaining people for 25years
    I am available for all your Toscana dates.
    Thank you

  19. EMMARIE says:

    Hey! Looking for a Rock and Roll show to jump on!

    We’re totally down for:

    SAT 5.21 @ The Hard Rock w/ Zero Holds

    and whatever else is available!


  20. Mike Feeney says:

    SAT 6.25
    FRI 7.1
    SAT 7.2

    Positive Negative Man could play one of these dates. We have played PA’s at WEMF sponsored events and would be glad to do so again.

    Thanks for the consideration.


  21. Arlen says:

    Hey! We’d love to be able to play June 25th at PA’s!!

  22. Interested in 6/24 Thanks!

  23. Tanveer says:

    Mitchell Lips are an alternative rock/punk group looking for gigs this July and August!

  24. Chris says:

    Diva Karr is an extreme noisey black/death metal band definitely interested in 10/10 at PA’s if there’s a spot open.

  25. VX says:

    Any hip-hop shows popping Dave? Let me know still looking!

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