Mike Cann

The Young JurksSaturdays 6pm – 7pm

Mike Cann is the DigBoston BLUNT TRUTH Columnist and leader of THE YOUNG JURKS, Saturdays 6pm, WEMFradio.com

He has a history of working with artists and politicians. He’s produced over 100 live music events in the Boston area and clocked in three years of Saturdays with the Two Hotheads show at UnRegular Radio.

On his MikeCann youtube channel you will find him questioning and getting answers from elected officials such as Rep. Barney Frank, MA Governor Deval Patrick, Rep. Mike Capuano, Rep. Steven Lynch, Governor Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray, Maine State Rep. Diane Russell, MA State Senator Stan Rosenberg, and many more.

He got his political education as a past 10 year board member and 2 term President with MassCann/NORML.

In May of 2013, Mike Cann with his partner in radio, Frank Capone spent weeks drumming up radio support to win freedom for jailed Methuen teen rapper, Cameron D’Ambrosio known as Cammy Dee. D’Ambrosio was jailed over facebook rap lyrics shortly after the Boston bombing with zero evidence of him being a risk to anybody. The radio duo were soon working with Garret Kirkland, Michael Malta, Evan Greer and others to win his release. Within a month, the grand jury refused to indict Cammy Dee, he was released with all charges dropped in the first week of June.

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