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  1. Johnny L says:

    Awesome news good luck with that on line streaming radio station thing, they tell me its the future. all the best Johnny L

  2. Walter Noons says:

    How would I go about submitting a song or two for consideration for airplay?

  3. Patrick says:

    Hi guys

    Question I have a radio show that I think would fit well with your station, how would I go about talking with someone and seeing what you guys think?


  4. Alice says:

    You rock, love the line up today!

  5. can i send you some stuff to play? I have many recordings of various Boston bands I have played with over the years, as well as some self-written music, instrumentals and rarities ranging from, Girl on Top, to MDM, and punk bands like Wetnap and folk stuff like Val Runs Amok, mostly from the 90’s, but my instrumental solo album has been mostly completed recently. I was hoping Taylor could master it for me! LOL! and my best of Boston bands from the late 90’s. CD is done, what is the best way to send you the stuff? post them on youtube? or what? TM

  6. alice says:

    Any time you guys want the dirt, call me.

  7. Christine says:

    Hello, This is a message for Mr. William Desmond.
    Hey Des,
    It was a pleasure to meet you a couple weeks ago at the Middle East sitting with Joseph. Hope you are well.
    I also ran into Sterling on the Phoenix Landing cruise last week and speaking to him about the radio station reminded me to send you my details. If you like, you can listen to my voice over demos on my wee website.
    If you ever need a voice over artist for a project that you feel I’d suit, please let me know.
    Very Best,

  8. Hey WEMF Radio! My name is Bruce Sullivan, and I manage Boston’s #1 Dance band Cougar Bait. We have our first full length Album due out Nov 1st with a big Album Release Party at the Middle East Downstairs on Halloween Saturday Night! We would love to come in and talk about the CD, play a song or two and maybe give away some tickets to the big Halloween Bash. We are big supporters of WEMF and go way back to Unregular Radio days with Dex and DAve Crespo. If we could come in and either play live or just do and interview that would be amazing!
    Bruce Sullivan
    Cougar Bait Management

  9. Janet D'Andrea says:

    Mama D. says Last Call, they just rock!!

  10. Ralf Engeldinger says:

    Do you have the Nov 15 PA’s Lounge show with Emily Grogan and Jennifer Tefft available for download?

  11. John Basile says:

    Will Aqua Hamster be on today? (Jan. 11)

  12. Sharon Herne says:

    Genius, pure genius! So happy to have been treated so graciously, you ROCK!

    I love to stumble onto “REAL” in this fake, Sensationalist Society.

    Keep doing what you do, best of luck and many blessings


  13. Elizabeth says:

    Hey guys, I just listened to the entire podcast of the 3.16 Rob Patylo show and Off & On’s in-studio performance isn’t on it anywhere 🙁

  14. Carl Caswell says:

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  15. Rene says:

    Hey. I heard NYC band The Goddess Lakshmi has been added to the rotation. Have been listening all day and no plays yet. Please play The Lake by TGL

  16. Steve says:

    Do you guys archive your shows at all? I missed one recently and would really love to hear it

  17. mark says:

    Hi David..its me Mark from PA’s and Sally O’s
    we talk when you are down at pa’s

    i got you guys in

    this pulls from facebook page / events tab.


  18. Joe Suter says:

    Just wondering what time zone your in. I’m in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Eastern Time

  19. wemf says:

    We operate on Eastern Time! Thanks for checking us out!

  20. Jacko says:

    BPR.. great show! he knows what he is talking about …

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  22. Darrin Ward says:

    Hello George , I hope this is the right place to reach you

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