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Band on Band: J Rushwell

November 13th, 2017 | by wemf

ROCK N’ ROLL REVIVAL: That is what J. Rushwell’s music is all about. Going back to its roots and heavily

Band On Band: Francesca Crowley

October 24th, 2017 | by wemf

Francesca Crowley is an American folk-pop singer-songwriter whose roots extend from Lymington, England to Los Angeles, California. She will earn

Band on Band: Hameer Zawawi

October 7th, 2017 | by wemf

A singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Hameer Zawawi writes and performs Indie Theatrical-Folk songs. Within 4 years in Kuala Lumpur,

Band on Band: Time & Place

September 25th, 2017 | by wemf

Time and Place is a folk/punk/rock band based in Boston, MA. The band formed in Amherst, MA in 2009 as

Band on Band: Janet Robin

September 20th, 2017 | by wemf

Music audiences around the world have seen Janet Robinʼs incredible guitar work as a former touring member of Lindsey Buckinghamʼs

Band on Band: Jobe Freeman

September 18th, 2017 | by wemf

Jobe Freeman is a singer-songwriter bassist currently living in the Boston area. His experiences of being raised in rural upstate

Band on Band: Hera Lynn

September 7th, 2017 | by wemf

Hera Lynn is a singer/songwriter in the Boston area. Her newest release, He Knows, follows four CDs and two singles

Band on Band: Gabriel Mayers

August 28th, 2017 | by wemf

Gabriel Mayers got his start playing in the subways of New York City. In 2012 he recorded several videos for

14 Responses to Blog

  1. James Owens says:

    It truly felt like Opening Day for the Afternoon Sessions crew today, festive, funky and fun. The Hornitz lit it up. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show with an acoustic performance from The Indobox. Tune in.

  2. john says:

    How can I listen live! I must know!

    Can I get an FAQ up in here?

  3. alice says:

    Great show! Welcome back James!

  4. Wayne Robertson says:

    Finally so real radio

  5. linda says:

    Hey Benny, even your little cousins like the show! They say your funny.

  6. alice says:

    Great line-up! 🙂

  7. Alice says:

    A lot of negative vibes today. yes you are right about most of the things, we can’t change the way ppl speak or think we can only led by example…

  8. Alice says:


  9. Mama D. believes that Last Call, rocks the house!!!!

  10. Might help to note how Newton spells his last name in this digital age. It’s Newton Frohlich and the website is:

    He was just interviewed 9/24/15 on City Wide Blackout.


  11. Barbara Eaton says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Southie Connect. I saw them at the Hard Rock Cafe. They were great, such a fun night ! I hope you have them on again.

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