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Band on Band: Bi TYRANT

Bi TYRANT is a Brooklyn based DIY hardcore experimetal punk band fighting the patriarchy with queer femme farts: aka queefs. If Cinderella went to the ball as G.G. Allin and turned into a pumpkin with identity issues at the stroke of midnight, Bi TYRANT would be the MC. Expect a scream and shout-fest with celebratory odes to #ShoutYourAbortion, strap-ons, the clitoris, and defacing effigies of most unloved public figures.

To witness Bi TYRANT live is to watch the patriarchy crack. An all-woman/gnb experi-metal jazz punk band from Brooklyn built with guitars, drums, bass and vocals, lead by frontwoman Brittany Anjou, Bi TYRANT members toured and recorded in The Shaggs and The Dot Wiggin Band before forming in New York in 2014 and releasing their debut album “Bisexual Tyrant” in 2016. In summer 2018, the band kicked off #TheMensesTour in the US. Armed with singles “Fuck Donald Trump,” “Fuck U Psychobitch Pro-lifers,” and “The Vagina Song” was selected as the soundtrack to Vagilante, the documentary film about the 2017 Women’s March. They were selected artists at NYC Winter Jazz Festival, in which they recreated their punk album with an all-woman jazz octet featuring “The Uterus Has a Master Plan,” and the #Clibretto, addressing gender equality in jazz, titled “How Many Women are in Your Band?”

Bi TYRANT – debut album
Bi TYRANT – Podcast interview on Strange Currencies:

Bi TYRANT – Live in Beirut with Slave to Sirens

Bi TYRANT – Fuck Donald Trump (Official Animated Video)

“In these tense times, Bi Tyrant is my savior. It’s at once an outlet for my election anxiety/feminist rage, and a fun, campy, ridiculous distraction.” – Lauren A., Maine
“Bi TYRANT sounds like Cinderella shoved a broken glass slipper down G.G. Allin’s throat.” – Nick Didkovsky, Vomit Fist

“Brittany Anjou is one of my favorite NYC musicians. Up until this project, I’d only every seen her play beautiful piano in really controlled settings. This is the opposite of that. This record is very very explicit- sexually and otherwise. Also, disturbing. Also, I’m really really enjoying it. If you’re into out stuff- check it out!” – Michael F., NYC

“Mike Patton would cry if he saw Bi TYRANT live.” – kindred spirit audience member at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

“Don’t ever start a band.” – Madame President Viva DeConcini

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