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Published on May 7th, 2018 | by wemf


Band on Band: Only Child

I wrote the song “Srs One” (short for Serious One) on a day I was quite annoyed. And justifiably so. Practice for my band, All Eyes on Me, was suddenly cancelled and I felt blown off. Anyone reading this who has ever been in a band has probably been in this situation and knows the feeling. It’s usually not such a big deal. But it yielded something, an original song from which I was able to kickstart a solo project that would allow me to still enjoy being in my band that I love and work painstakingly on, yet have some autonomy to follow my creative impulses.

When I started writing songs, it was because I wanted to be in a band, not the other way around. I was always looking for someone else to collaborate with, and always trying to take that collaboration to “the next level.” I soon found my collaborator in the shape of my close friend, Susannah Baron, with whom I am still affiliated. It took us a few years of performing as a duo before we enlisted the talents of our friend Mary Lee Desmond. The three of us have spent a significant portion of our musical talents and energies writing and recording the debut record for All Eyes on Me, which is an engaging and time consuming project. Because the three of us are songwriters, the band’s coexistence requires much decision by committee and coordination of three very busy people’s schedules, an eventuality that sometimes leaves me in a very similar headspace as when I first formed the building blocks of All Eyes on Me. This time , I come armed with the tools I’ve spent honing in venues and performance spaces around Boston for the past few years.

When it came time to record the vocal melody, I belted out the lyrics “Well you start to mind being told to wait, being the serious one, and watching things fade,” in a voice that was new to me. One of my hobbies in the recent past has been karaoke, something I never had the nerve for, even though I was a singer in a band. In truth, I never was as comfortable singing in my band as I was singing karaoke. While singing my go to tune, Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, I found my voice and was able to address a barroom with ease. When I enter my local watering hole on Tuesday evenings, the DJ puts my name in automatically without asking. I wanted the new project I formed to have a similar energy.

While initially called Astral Twin, a project name I thought of in an exchange with an internet pen pal and fellow Taurus, I’ve recently landed on the moniker Only Child. It’s one of my more memorable identifiers, often causing a reaction upon discovery. It connotes me as materialistic; which I admittedly am, fussy; which I can be, and stubborn; which I don’t really see myself as. Nevertheless, it is a name which describes me, so it might as well describe my music.

“Srs One” by Only Child is available now on all streaming services. Soundcloud Spotify Apple Music

Debut EP by Only Child will be available on Summer 2018. Press and booking inquiries can be sent to .

Catch Only Child @ PA’s Lounge on June 15th! Details here:

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