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Published on March 24th, 2018 | by wemf


Band on Band: Almost Got Caught

Originally forged in 2016 as a semi-instrumental, power pop outfit, North America’s Almost Got Caught’s prime agenda consisted of getting organ grinder Men Lascaris into the spotlight. Right afterwards the project commissioned speed-keyboardist Nuto Calbi and drummer Salmon Reed-Bohannon, neither of whom show true character, potential or long-term-commitment-oriented personas.

In 2017 Ingolf Walker, presently of Cassiano, joined as lead singer and evolved, effective immediately, into the band’s new front man. Walker made radical personnel changes to the lineup, electing Cameron Spanos to fill the shoes of Reed-Bohannon. Making headway under new leadership, the flock underwent further radical changes, included but not limited to the firing of Beato Caputa, and the recruitment of Matt O’Connell, the band’s first electric guitarist. Their first official release was in 2016, the self-produced mini CD Theres No I in Arrested.

In late 2017, with the new co-lead guitarist Mike Adams (ex-Pissing Dame), AGC entered the studio for their second album: Can You Believe It, three quarters of the way through mixing, frontman Walker unexpectedly and suddenly left the band to start an Italian family. The band was devastated and the entire album was scrapped. In walks Matthew Milisci, who had been recovering from his own upset after he was controversially let go from critically acclaimed punk rock orchestra Sponsor of Birch. Milisci took the reigns and the content was stripped, rearranged, and rerecorded. The result was magic. The album (released November of 2017, six months after its production deadline) was well received in Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the US, which prompted them to start a coastline tour which resulted in a gain in popularity.

In Japan and Canada the CD sold over 400 copies in the first 10 days. The band continues to gain momentum and kindle their positive reputation in the East Coast musical scene. Catch Almost Got Caught play fresh-off-the-grill tunes at their live event on April 21st at PA’s Lounge in Somerville, MA.

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