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Published on August 2nd, 2017 | by wemf


Band on Band: The Dingo Babies

Hiya, Tom here from The Dingo Babies!

Firstly, we’re playing a WEMF hosted showcase that we’re PSYCHED ABOUT (details at the bottom). Secondly, our name isn’t a Seinfeld, Buffy, or Rugrats the Movie reference. But we’re glad it makes you think of something funny, since the actual events involving Lindy Chamberlain and her baby are pretty sad actually, with a touch of injustice and bittersweet redemption. If you google “dingo ate my baby real story” (like I just did to fact check myself), you can see for yourself. But basically a woman goes into the Australian outback with her baby to go camping, then comes back to society saying “A dingo ate my baby!” Nobody believes her and she’s put in prison for murdering her own baby. Then it’s revealed that a dead dingo was found with baby bones in its stomach. And she was like “I F***ING TOLD YOU.” If you’ve seen the Meryl Streep movie about it I’ve heard its pretty accurate except that she uses a New Zealand accent to portray an Australian woman, tsk tsk. My Aussie grandma Enid told me that. Drop that in a blog post casually.

But back to the band. The real story of The Dingo Babies.

The Dingo Babies: More Than Just a Reference to 90’s/00’s Sitcoms.
Actually though, those are the decades that shaped our musical taste the most (alternative, grunge, punk/pop, emo). Huh. That was not a conscious decision 5 years ago when I thought of it but now it feels very appropriate. Good work team.

If I were, as a member of the band who will probably describe the band’s sound using an unnecessary amount of descriptors which will make me sound like a self-absorbed tool,

The Dingo Babies are a song focused off-alt power trio. Which means they are millennials reimagining 90’s alt rock (millenni-alt ?), they don’t shred (unless you ask mockingly), and they enjoy crafting 3 minute pop songs featuring feedback. They make a lot of noise for 3 people, actually.

You might see them playing with like 3 guitar amps and a bass amp. Just to keep their volume level with the drummer, who’s like REALLY loud. Like if you’ve ever seen a power trio who pales in comparison to today’s standards of HUGE SOUND, you won’t be disappointed! The wall of sound is alive. 2.0

The band, comprised of Tommy Ng (bass/vocals); Will Palmeri (guitars); and Jamie Rowe (drums), have performed with acts such as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Chadwick Stokes (Dispatch, State Radio) at Boston venues like The Sinclair, Great Scott, Middle East Nightclub and Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton, and other venues across New England.

Currently crafting an album and touring, their latest work The Dingo Babies EP can be heard here:

“WEMF Presents…” Alt Rock
August 7th

Middle East Upstairs

472 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

There it is folks. Hope to see you out there goin all WOO! Come say hello! (We also accept hecklers.)

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