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Published on June 7th, 2017 | by wemf


Band on Band: TIOGA

In their six months of existence, TIOGA’s profile has risen enough to become one of Philly’s most buzzworthy acts. The alt-rock quartet, made up of Greg Adams on vocals, Derrick Dieso on guitar, Austin Paragas on bass, and the recent addition of Henri Tyler on drums, has already drawn comparisons to radio heavyweights like The 1975, The Killers, and Two Door Cinema Club thanks to their glossy, new wave-inspired sound. After finding their initial footing with their first EP, Sycamores, TIOGA explores the highs and lows of life, love, and the cyclical natures of both on their latest effort, Circadian.

On Circadian, TIOGA crafts a cohesive body of work revolving around the different relationships we all experience in life. Whereas Sycamores saw the band showcase as many different genres and styles as they could within the constraints of the EP’s five songs, Circadian’s selections flow between each other much more easily, and sees TIOGA getting settled into their own sound rather than wear their influences on their sleeve. Third track “The One” is the closest offering to TIOGA’s previous work, boasting the intricate guitar work and harmonies that, based off of their previous offerings, are becoming part of TIOGA’s signature style.

Tracks “I Could Be An Island” and “Get Close” are arguably the heaviest songs TIOGA has recorded thus far. While TIOGA had stuck to middle-of-the-road indie rock with Sycamores, the previously mentioned tracks see TIOGA turning the dial up to 11 and letting loose. Middle track “Where I Want To Be” balances Circadian out as an intimate acoustic track. Circadian’s standout is its title track, a mellow, feel-good finale to the EP in the vein of bombastic 80’s hits like Bowie’s “Heroes” or U2’s “With Or Without You”. Hear the songs on TIOGA’s Bandcamp page here, and catch TIOGA live at PA’s Lounge on Saturday, June 17! Details here.

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