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Band on Band: Avon Dale

Avon Dale’s Little Ditty EP is a collection of plans and accidents. In that way, it’s a lot like your mid-20s. The structure of the record – its four main songs are complimented by what the band calls ‘little ditties,’ ranging in length from 90 seconds to a couple of minutes – creates an inertia akin to the feeling of the waning days of youth. Those fleeting little ditties pull you forward from one moment to the next. It’s easy and inevitable and always just a bit unfinished.

Oh 25, you’re no friend of mine.

The ditties were the fragments of songs they would play between more "serious" writing sessions, but ultimately they loved them more than some of the full-length songs. And as they embark on a coast-to- coast tour in support of the EP, it is a line from one of those ditties that sets the tone for the adventure ahead.

I trade my pay checks for strings and rust / I won’t give up

This summer the lyric takes on new meaning as the members of Avon Dale quit their day jobs as teachers and become full-time musicians. The symbolism is almost too perfect – this summer vacation will be endless – but the guys are grounded in the work that lies ahead of them. The Strings and Rust Tour will wrap in September, and they'll begin making their next full-length album. They'll likely return to Memphis to do it – like their first EP Dress It Up, Little Ditty was recorded, and largely written, at Ardent Studios with engineer/producer Mike Wilson.

Do I miss the cage? / That cooped up town where I was born and raised?

On Little Ditty Conrad Polz’s voice shines, begging comparison to Ben Harper and Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill, and the record’s most memorable moments pair it with energetic melodic lines and witty, honest songwriting.

Don’t you come running here talking the same old shit like you did last year

That writing is at its best on the final track of the EP, “25," a thesis for Little Ditty.

“It’s about the strange age of 25,” Polz says. “It’s the perfect age to still be a drunkard but in some weird way, you’re an adult. It doesn’t feel real. We’re still on our parents’ insurance and cell phone bills – we don’t have a clue. 25 is sweet but no one ever realizes it until it’s gone. It’s the perfect balance of responsibility and freedom.”

That’s the balance of Little Ditty. The transition, the uncertainty, but ultimately, the optimism and hopefulness of 25.

See them live at PA’s Lounge on July 27th! Details here.


6.21 | Lafayette's Music Room | Memphis, TN

6.24 | The Archive Music House | St. Louis, MO

6.26 | Urban Artifact | Cincinnati, OH

6.27 | Tim Faulkner Gallery | Louisville, KY

6.30 | Birdy's Live | Indianapolis, IN

7.1 | The Brass Tap Orland Park | Orland Park, IL

7.3 | Live on Bankson Lake | Lawton, MI

7.8 | Fatties Pub | Orland Park, IL

7.13 | Bremen Cafe | Milwaukee, WI

7.14 | The Elbo Room | Chicago, IL

7.17 | Whiskey Jam | Nashville, TN

7.19 | WDVX Blue Plate Special | Knoxville, TN

7.21 | The Legendary Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor | Franklin, TN

7.22 | Young Avenue Deli | Memphis, TN

7.23 | Blind Bob's Bar | Dayton, OH

7.24 | Skully's Music-Diner | Columbus, OH

7.25 | Muggswigz Coffee & Tea Co. | Canton, OH

7.27 | PA's Lounge | Somerville, MA

7.31 | Shrine World Music Venue | New York City, NY

8.2 | Mason Inn | Washington DC

8.4 | Rusty's Raw Bar and Grill | Ft Myers, FL

8.5 | Soho Saloon | Tampa, FL

8.5 | The Attic at Rock Brothers | Tampa, FL

8.13 | Riggs Beer Company | Urbana, IL

8.15 | Dick's Tap & Shake Room | Cedar Rapids, IA

8.18 | Tony P's Music | Denver, CO

8.19 | Monkey Barrel | Denver, CO

8.20 | Gracie's | Salt Lake City, UT

8.23 | John's Alley Tavern | Moscow, ID

8.25 | Tim's Tavern | Seattle, WA

8.27 | Substation | Seattle, WA

8.28 | The Firkin Tavern | Portland, OR

9.15 | River Music Experience | Davenport, IA

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