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Published on May 16th, 2017 | by wemf


Band on Band: Miele

Boston-based five-piece alternative rock band Miele most recently rocked the neighborhood with Somerville’s annual Porchfest. With dark, soulful female vocals oft compared to Grace Slick, and startling switches between mystical melodies and grungy/funky/tear-your-face off rock, Miele’s complex music keeps listeners surprised and delighted. This band with flair for the dramatic has been featured on Aeronaut Brewing Company’s Duck Village Stage, and headlined Aeronaut’s Rock Benefit Show for The Arts supporting the National Endowment for the Arts this March.

In a recent review of Miele’s sophomore EP “Seed Crystal”, Allston Pudding writes, “the lyrical content ponders the evolution and form of emotion, inspiring the psych/funk sound surrounding it all”.
Miele frequently writes about psychology, nostalgia, love affairs, and an over-medicated society. The band features vocalist and keyboardist Melissa Nilles, bassist and backup vocalist Cedric Lamour, guitarist Joe Spilsbury, guitarist Vishal Vaswani, and drummer Ray Cohen.

Miele’s full-length debut album is due to be released in fall 2017. You can find their second EP “Seed Crystal” available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Kunaki. Miele will perform for two WEMF featured shows in the next month. Find them at PA’s Lounge with Of The Goldmine, Grav&Tation, and Cloud 4 on 5/22/17. For more details about the show, click here!

In addition, Miele will also be performing at Hard Rock Café on 6/9/17 at a WEMF sponsored show. Details here!

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