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Canna Care Docs presents The Young Jurks: 3.25.17

We will have Rachel Donlan from MASS CANN/ NORML and also expect a call from Stephen Mandile!
Tune in & Call in at 617-500-7100

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6 Responses to Canna Care Docs presents The Young Jurks: 3.25.17

  1. massvocals says:

    The elephant in the room is / The1.8 million Voted for the law, they also read it, The cCc which would have done the job without proposing bills is deliberately be ignored by Governor Baker. this is strategic by the prohibitionist NO liberty within the law should be changed this would be respecting the vote.this is elephant in room must be protestedThose in joint Committee are appointed outside the reasoning of the law to as you jerks know is scam.However: The cost for medical license for MMDs is outrageous This cost is strategic move as well WHY can cannabis be brought through the boarders though the states and be cheaper the what is grown in the state The end user is trap in the cost force on medical patients . Doctor now out number the patients by 481

  2. massvocals says:

    DPH allows no fee to any patient who can give proof ( list of such publish )
    Cannabis must be freed The law was the voice of the people

  3. MassVocals says:

    Patients are forced to sign an affidavit to get legal by license for medical used no one eles Patients must promise not buy illegal they can be arrested for that , Patients must acknowledge the 5 yr prison violation under mass law mass heath patients pau nothing for license for cannabis

  4. MassVocals says:

    every patient should move to wax or spray

  5. MassVocals says:

    if a patient buy from MMDs is that patient stuck there please tell us

  6. MassVocals says:

    Talk about drug testing fraud next week will ya

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