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Band on Band: Savoir Faire

Why, hello there! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sarah Fard, and I’m the vocalist and guitarist for the band Savoir Faire. Yeah, that’s right, we made the conscious decision to pick that name even though it’s hard to spell. Just rolls off the tongue, huh? Here’s our website. We also have a Facebook page and all that jazz, which is all accessible through our site.

Savoir Faire performs in the Boston and New England area, and this year I’ve been doing a lot of solo stuff. Case in point: I’ll be at PA’s Lounge on February 15th, doing a set of Savoir Faire originals. Perhaps I should be more descriptive, so you can get a better idea of what you might hear if you come.
I’d say that my sound is largely generated from a background in studying jazz guitar at the University of New Hampshire, while working towards my undergraduate degree in music education. During that time, I became increasingly enthralled in the vocal qualities of singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, and their ability to blend and compliment the guitar playing of greats such as Joe Pass. I started obsessively practicing jazz ballads and singing along with them in the privacy of a practice room. Eventually, I was brave enough to start performing them. Just me and my guitar. That lasted for quite a while, because you see, playing originals in front of people can be scary.

When I moved to Boston, two things started to change in my performing: I realized how much more fun it is to perform with other people, and I realized how stagnant I was in sticking with the same jazz set list forever and ever. The Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge really pushed me to start writing originals, and I started performing them with other people. A little bit of piano. A few songs with drums. Eventually, a bass line came along. Although I still love and occasionally perform the jazz standards, the set list turned into all originals. Combined with the bass playing of Andrew Moreau, the drumming of Farah Fard, and the piano skills of Gary Ames, Savoir Faire became a full fledged ensemble with lots to say! In terms of genre, I’m not sure how I’d pin us. I’d say Savoir Faire aims to mix the sound of vintage jazz with our love of alternative rock. Creating something new with the sounds of the old. Mixing our influences to hopefully reach something different. When I write, I tend to write songs about my observations on the world, or the stories that I’ve heard that are hugely applicable to my life- and hopefully others. I tend not to write love songs, even though many of the songs I started performing back in the day were just that! Love songs are beautiful, love songs can be some of the most amazing songs out there, and are hugely relatable. Love songs are also very prevalent, and tend to be the expectation for a female singer songwriter. So, I suppose I feel that are many other things to be said through music in 2017. Maybe some day I’ll write a love song. For now, I’ll leave that to the pros.

Will I see you at PA’s Lounge on the 15th? I hope so! There’s a great line up, and I’ll be playing my originals with my guitar and the help of a loop pedal. Rachel Marie, Galactic Panda Metal, and Everyday Astronauts will be there, too. More details can be found here!


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