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Published on December 13th, 2016 | by wemf


Band on Band: Miles Hewitt of The Solars

​Hello readers of –

Let’s assume my name is Miles and I play in an indie/folk/rock/psych/bop-bop band called The Solars (see above).

We’re all over the internet but the Central Information Hub is Dot com was taken.​

Here’s our single “Old K. B.”:

In January, the five of us will be cavorting about the northeast, performing our songs and entering into situations with bemused locals in such exotic locations as Burlington, Montreal, Amherst, New York, Providence, Portland, New Haven, and your very own Cambridge, at the Mid East Upstairs on 1/11. It’s an absolute dream of a first tour and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful.

But songs as yet unperformed will burn a hole in your pocket, and there are some new things floating around that won’t see the light of day in our tour. So when WEMF rang the wall-mounted coin-operated rotary dial in my apartment late one evening, asking us to play this concert, I was glad to say “Yes,” and hang up the phone. Sometimes the right show is at the right time. My boys won’t be there, but I will, with some songs no one knows yet.

Come join Miles Hewitt, Matt Minigell, Gianna Botticelli, Mike Sweeney, and Mike Dunbar on January 25th at PA’s Lounge! Details here.

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