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Published on April 8th, 2015 | by wemf


Band on Band: Job Creators create something different

The band Job Creators has been dabbling in the local music scene of Boston for a while. They will be hitting WEMF’s second home, PA’s Lounge on Saturday night and in honor of that have released this blog. This is a band that is trying to things differently and with less members. Read about how they are doing this technologically and logistically below…

Job Creators: The Weirdest Band You Never Heard

JobCreators has been playing our unique blend of socially conscious math rock and electronica to venues throughout the Boston area since 2013. We’ve been in a constant state of evolution since forming in October 2012, when Blaise, our bassist, and Tim, our drummer, were standing in the ashes of another ill-fated musical venture.

It was during the Presidential Elections of 2012 and we were wondering what it really meant to be a “job creator.” So we figured, hey, we were making jobs for ourselves just by playing music. We were creating jobs for the listeners to listen to it and we were creating jobs for ourselves to keep making good music. But our biggest job was really figuring out if a bass-drum duo – literally bass and drum music – was even possible.

In the Beginning… There was Math Rock

At the beginning, we emulated math rock bands like Don Caballero, with polyrhythmic drumbeats accompanied by slap or tap bass lines. Our sound has grown in the direction of electronica groups like STS9 and jazz fusion groups like Mark Guliana’s Beat Music. This started happening when Blaise got a delay pedal, a wah pedal, a loop pedal. He stared adding complex tap lines and slap lines to groovier bass lines. The delay pedal added another layer to the music and the wah pedal gave us a more electronic feel.

We started using the loop pedal for samples: from jungle sounds (“Jungle Run”) to speeches and talk shows (“Evening at the Factory”), we found out that incorporating samples with heavy rhythm sections gave everything a different context. It makes you think about an ordinary announcement or radio broadcast just a little differently. And that’s kind of cool.

Last summer, Tim got a synthesizer. That added a third voice that really helped round out the sound and gave us a lot of new opportunities to come up with stuff that helped us explore the potential for our music. It also ensured that, no matter what we were playing, it was just about as hard as humanly possible.

Throughout our young career, we’ve played at venues in Boston and New York. We’ve played songs about the BP oil spill (“Fools Chasing Dragons”) at Desmond’s Tavern and songs about the automation of jobs at McGann’s (“Evening at the Factory”). We’ve rocked jazzy instrumental sets at the Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville.

We played our first set at PA’s Lounge in February 2013 and this Saturday, April 11th, we’re excited to be back again, playing alongside Mann-ifesto, This Is Sky, Fireking, and This Is Fearless.

So come join us for what is going to be an awesome, awesome night of music!

Yeh, what they said! Come see them on Saturday night at PA’s Lounge. This event is of course brought to you by your very own, WEMF Radio and you can get tickets for less HERE!

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