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Published on April 16th, 2014 | by wemf



By Jonny Katz

The 5: whats new and what were playing

Vertical Scratchers

Kingdom Come

The two piece fury that is VS has been taking over the airwaves recently. Their track Kingdom Come has gotten our attention and at just 1 min and 54 sec, it’s always a good song to leave on repeat. Great jam that instantly grabs your attention.

Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues

As soon as we saw Against Me! released this track we knew it had to be on our radar and playlist. Always a fan of Against Me! we had this track playing as loud as our speakers could push it, basically breaking the speakers and our eardrums. Long live Against Me!

The Mouths
Bad Idea

Remember that scene in “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead” where they’re shooting dishes in mid air with a shotgun, well this song makes me want to do that off our roof at the studio. I doubt I’ll make it happen so in the meantime, ill dream and keep playing this gnarly track.

Korean Monk

When looking for new music, you can get lost in a “vortex/black hole” of blogs and sites, where everything starts to sound the same and or unoriginal. Then you find a band like Figaro, they’re sound is as unique as a fingerprint and we couldn’t be happier with their whole album.
(We’re also playing the track Queen Mary)

Sticky Fingers
Gold Snafu

This track is really on this list because it’s starting to look like summer out and this song just gives us the tank top /short vibe. It’s been like 70 degrees the past couple days which makes me think we may be seeing more of the Australian band Sticky Fingers.

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